Monday, 12 May 2008

12/05/08 - a billion new releases for you to get your head around.

There's a lot to take in, so here's a condensed summary of this morning's utterly insane FSOLdigital update. Get ready...

Main page
The site has a new look, a lot of things have gone and a lot of things have been added
. Downloads are on the front page, with links to other sections below.

The Future Sound of London - Environments
This has a nice fancy new cover (at last). Personally I'd love it to be released with the black square seen in the Lifeforms tray, but there's every chance that was only there as no artwork had been created at the time. CD release June 2008, which can be preordered for £9.99 on the site.

The Future Sound of London - Environments II
Coming soon.

The Future Sound of London - Environments III
, there's a third in the series. Again no information on whether this is new or old material. Very nice looking cover on the site.

The Future Sound of London - Environments IV
Only joking!

The Amo
rphous Androgynous - The Peppermint Tree & The Seeds Of Superconsciousness
A nice new cover for the CD release June 2008, available for pre-order on the site for £9.99.

Yage - The Woodlands of Old
Available to download for £7.99 today! "From the deserts of the
middle east to the rain forests of Brazil - odd rhythms eerie melodies".

01. The Woodlands of Old
02. An Odd Question From A Forest Bird
03. From Thunder That Shakes
04. The
Yage Letters
05. The Hunters Moon

06. Mountain Cloud Descending
07. Procession
08. Crow Hushing The Floating Woods
09. The Mahogany Tree (Shelter'd)
10. He Laughed Himself To The Centre
11. Uns
ettling Sky
12. Humbled Before Your Presence
13. Who Had Such Foolish Care
14. Circle The Corn
15. Centipede
16. Dry Wind Blown

17. Haxaal's Dream
18. Heavily He Flies

19. The Dark Pines
20. The Sun Lends Warmth And Comfort
21. A Welcome Beneath Night's Darkness
The cover features at the bottom of the CDs page too, although there is no page.

6 Oscillators In Remittance - Cloudscraper
"6 oscillators triggered by light sensors reacting to the movement of the clouds across the sun. Recorded 26th February 2008. 6.30 soundscape where each of the 6 oscillators are fed through echoes and reverbs. Taken from the album Light Senses Dark Edges". Another Brian experiment? A forthcoming album. There's a video of a clip on YouTube. Available as a 99p download.

The Future Sound of London - 2" Tape Reels
ous sessions - demos and outtakes from the 2" multitrack recordings & RAM studio". Coming Soon. A bizarre mix of We Have Explosive is available from this on the band's MySpace page.

Humanoid - The Original Eurotechno Soundtrack
This has a different cover to the Stakker release on Rephlex and is 'coming soon'. Probably no new material but
an interesting aside.

The Amorphous Androgynous - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble
"Forthcoming compilation curated by The Amorphous Androgynous. Tracing the sound of psychedelia from past to present. Double CD". This will be the first in their mix CD series on Platypus, available August/September 2008.

The Future Sound of London - FSOLdigital mix (freeze magazine)
This is the mix CD, along with digital files of the interview and photographs, from Freeze magazine earlier in the year. £1.99 download.

A few more vinyls have been added to the site, including the Archived EP (re-release, I believe) and the new Tingler remixes.

"Coming soon". Perhaps old videos, Part-Sub-Merged, the Alice In Ultraland movie. Who knows. "Short films, music videos, tutorials".

"Coming soon". This is an interesting one, the main page promises: "T-shirts - clothing - books - posters - art - hardware". T-shirts is a new one (there was an ISDN tour one from 1994, otherwise none we're aware of). Clothing: Dead Cities thong anybody? Books: no idea. Posters and art should be nice, and hardware will probably be a public announcement of Brian's circuit bent stuff.

Right, with that, I'm off to spend four hours updating the actual site. URGH. Have fun taking it all in.

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