Thursday, 22 May 2008

22/05/08 - Radio 1 show tracklist

We've been lucky enough to receive this little gem from the band - a handwritten tracklist for one of the band's shows in 1994. Unfortunately the show doesn't seem to match up exactly to any of the available shows, but it could well be a 3D Headspace Tour show, or perhaps the Essential Mix, which has been cut up in bootleg versions. We're going to get around to comparing the setlist to 3D available Headspace Tour and Essential Mix recordings, as some segments certainly match up to these, and try and work out just what the tracks are. A typically FSOL sentence accompanying the files, however, is "a lot of the track titles bear no resemblance to what they've called them now". With this in mind, it seems very likely that Live In New York, Tired and FSOL/Dead Can Dance Sound Samples were originally Environments-era tracks. One thing it does confirm is that a lot of the between-track ambience on the ISDN shows was penned for Environments, and as it didn't turn up on the album there's every chance it could be present on volumes II & III. It also confirms that Deep Into Your Subconscious I Slide (then an Amorphous track) and Subliminal Aura (now a FSOL track) were once slated for use on the album too. Anyway, without further ado, here's a bunch of titles you've never heard of for music you've probably heard, hand-scrawled in what looks like Brian's writing...

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