Monday, 7 April 2008

07/04/08 - Two new/old releases come to CD

Unfortunately there's no word on the Environments CD yet, but we do have two CDs coming out in the next month, one of which is a bit of a surprise. Even those of us who saw the Pulse EPs at the bottom of FSOLDigital weren't expecting a CD release of all four. It's the next FSOL compilation and comes out on 5th May 2008.
The tracklist matches the original EPs and runs a little like this:
01. Indo Tribe - Bring In The Pulse
02. Indo Tri
be - In The Mind Of A Child
03. The Future Sound Of London - Hardhead
04. The Future Sound Of London - Pulse State

05. The Future Sound Of London - Stolen Documents
06. Smart Systems - Zip Code
07. The Future Sound Of London - 1 In 8
08. Indo Tribe - I've Become What You Were
09. Smart Systems - Tingler
10. Indo Tribe - Owl
11. Indo Tribe - Bite The Bullet Baby
12. Yage - Calcium
13. Mental Cube - I'm Not Gonna Let You Do It
14. Smart Systems - Creator
15. Indo Tribe - Shrink
16. Smart Systems - Space Virus

This makes it highly unlikely that a rerelease of Earthbeat will ever appear, but there are tracks here which have never been issued on CD, so it's a mixed blessing. The CD is released on Jumpin' & Pumpin' (CDTOT57). Secondly, a date for From The Archives Vol. 4 has been announced: 12th May 2008, on Jumpin' & Pumpin' (CDTOT58). Tracklist matches the online release as:
01. Hidden Sign
02. Plasmatik
03. West Path
04. 100 Baby Spiders
05. Absent With Concept
06. Wookii
07. Shingles
08. 5 Months 5 Acres
09. Mango Tree (Original)
Golden Burnt
11. Climbing
12. Speed Ball

Here's another surprise release for you all.
Tingler is getting a re-release with new remixes. J&P are putting the 12" out (12TOT48) on 21st April 2008. Side one features remixes from Kouncil House and 30Hz, side two features the Smart Systems 'Remix' and the original version. No, we have no idea why this is being re-released. Maybe the new versions are excellent. Maybe not.

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