Saturday, 24 May 2008

24/05/08 - Environments past & present/Archive 5

Don't worry, you'll get bored of these constant updates soon.
A little one courtesy of our message board's Ceeg, who gives us these snippets from a conversation with Brian. First up, "the Environments series will be past and then present". This is FSOL we're talking about so let's take nothing literally, but this certainly suggests that maybe Environments II will be older material (perhaps from those recent ISDN tracklists?) and Environments III will be much newer - maybe even newly recorded - material. Exciting times.
Also, further to my post last night, there is definitely a From The Archives Volume 5 on its way.
In continuation of the band's more candid nature, Decasia managed to get the following snippet from Brian:
"hold tight for the new FSOL album

shaping up to be a killer"
Let the hype begin.

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