Saturday, 31 May 2008

31/05/08 - The New Consciousness, Amorphous live again, samplebank, snippets of other stuff.

And so we end the most active month in memory with a huge bundle of news for you, courtesy of a certain Mr. AS Cob (those of you around on the FSOLLIST and official forum back in 2002 may remember the name). Have a look at this for some more old work (revelation of this possibly inspired by the Baboons Stomach mention lately). The New Consciousness in five parts, which Cob describes as "Brian's first band" and YouTube describes as "an art music group based in Glasgow, Scotland 1983-1984". There are also Kinetica clips on the account, interestingly. The music is in the Zeebox vein of analogue noise, badly played pianos, strange effects and a general dark sound, and the videos feature whoever it is in the band wandering about a bunch of other bizarre images. At one point Brian is seen messing with some equipment supposedly making the music.

Also confirmed are upcoming Russian live shows for The Amorphous Androgynous. Cob suggests "the coming weeks", although little else - Brian has said there are four shows coming up, so keep your eyes peeled. Nothing appears to be on Google yet. Also, we'll keep you posted on a possible UK show later in the year. No confirmation yet, but we can dream, no? More live news to be revealed at some point.

We're creating a Samplebank for the site over on the forums. The number of samples the band have used is immense, so why not waste some time trying to list them all? A few interesting and obscure ones have been uncovered already! Join up and give us a hand if you know of any more. Current list here.

And considering we're getting all the scoops, we mayaswell share a couple of snippets from the band. A possibilty of a boxset of all 5 Archives is in the pipeline (let's hope 5 gets its own release too, of course), and the band are now adding the final details to the first Psych Bubble compilation, meaning it's definitely due soon (hopefully the August deadline will be met). Ralph from Jumpin' & Pumpin' has also held back expectations on imminent CD releases, with both Environments and The Peppermint Tree currently 'work in progress'. The June date is looking a little optimistic now, but they're definitely on their way.

Oh, and the site's looking all new, if you hadn't noticed. We liked the Archive 4 artwork so much we decided it would wrap very nicely around WTTGP. Like it? Dislike it? Leave comments below!

See you in June!

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