Saturday, 24 May 2008

24/05/08 - Another new/old remix and an even older cassette for your research

Who's heard of Osamu Sato? If the answer is 'me!', you'd better have a darn good reason for not telling us about FSOL's Face Savers On-Line remix from 1996. Frodekommode told us about this months ago and I've only just remembered. Have a look at it here. Another previously unknown remix, eh? How many more are coming out of the woodwork.
Well, none we know of, but Mr. Dougans has left us this teaser: "why has no-one come across " bacteria from a baboons stomach " - twitch/floor products - released on cassette via western bloc manchester 1986/7 - we sold a few"

This is likely to be ultra-obscure but let's get looking. Cassette release on Twitch/Floor Products (something Google doesn't seem to know anything about) from the late '80s called Bacteria From A Baboon's Stomach. I know someone out there will be able to help! Oh, and the picture you're seeing is what the guys looked like at the time.

That's about it until tomorrow when we'll uncover that Yage is actually Bryan Adams and FSOL don't actually exist. Roll on real news!

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david said...

Yeah Im looking for this now and just come across this post. You found it yet dude?