Monday, 11 October 2021

11/10/21 - Humanoid - sT8818r Humanoid out in December

'Stakker Humanoid' has been remastered and will feature as the A-side to a 12" single on De:Tuned. The B-sides include remixes of 2019 update 'sT8818r' by none other than Autechre, Luke Vibert and Mike Dred. An incredible line-up, and a really worthy set of artists to see Humanoid get the remixes it deserves! The 12" and digital single will be released on 3rd December, pre-orders are now available from Bandcamp, with copies arriving at worldwide stores in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

06/10/21 - New Pemberton / FSOL collab track

A new track credited to Daniel Pemberton & FSOL, entitled 'Behind the Eyes', is due to be released on 19th November 2021, as part of an ambient compilation mixed by Coldcut and Mixmaster Morris called @0. The compilation can be pre-ordered as CD, 2LP and digital from the Coldcut Bandcamp.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

02/10/21 - 14 Songs now on Bandcamp

Humanoid's 7 Songs with 7 bonus songs is now available on Bandcamp as digital download and CD. The CD is the first FSOLDigital release to come in a digipak.

Friday, 1 October 2021

01/10/21 - Mind Maps 2, 7 Songs x2, Calendar track delay

Mind Maps 2, a follow-up to the hugely popular mix CD released earlier this year, will be out on Touched Music in November. Not, as suspected, the hour-long mix that was broadcast on the night of the first mix, this is in fact an entirely new mix of unreleased FSOLDigital material. More news soon.

The expanded version of Humanoid's 7 Songs, with an added seven songs, is now available on CD. Juno has copies, and FSOLDigital / Bandcamp versions should be online in the very near future.
September's calendar track is running a tiny bit late - things are busier than ever behind the scenes - but should be with subscribers today.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

14/09/21 - More NFT animations

Over on NFT marketplace OpenSea there are two previously unspotted collections of FSOL animations: Confirmation Bias, with some short loops, and Thought Pattern, a series of generative animations created using Brian's eDDi device, previously encountered on Polemical's Hand-Made Devices and the only website.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

12/09/21 - Run Wrake animations on FSOL Foundation page

Three new animations, to be sold as NFTs, are now on the FSOL Foundation page. They appear to be the first three in a series of eight animation loops depicting art by the late Run Wrake, which will be familiar to FSOL fans as parts of the 'We Have Explosive' music video. Reserve price is 3.00 ETH.

Six of the previously released FSOL artworks have now been purchased.

Friday, 10 September 2021

10/09/21 - 7 Songs coming out on CD

The currently vinyl-only Humanodi album 7 Songs will be getting a CD release on 19th November, according to Proper Music. Amazingly, the album has doubled in length, featuring a further seven bonus tracks. These include the previously release 'Tower', 'Co-Pilot' and 'Far Point', as well as four new tracks! The CD will be released on FSOLDigital, with a catalogue number of CDTOT 83. Given that this is the next number up from We Have Explosive 2021, this seems like confirmation that Environment Seven won't be out until 2022 now.