Thursday, 19 April 2018

19/04/18 - April's Calendar track

Yesterday saw the release of April's calendar track, an archived piece called 'Near Field'. Check your inboxes and/or spam folders if you've not grabbed it already!

Friday, 13 April 2018

13/04/17 - Ramblings Book 2 released

The second Ramblings of a Madman mini-book/zine is released today on FSOLDigital. Released with the same set of options as volume one, the book can be purchased alongside an art print and a hoodie, with the print and hoodie also available separately. The book comes with a download of a 6 track EP of the following tracks:
01 – Magnify Within the Thought
02 – Replace I with You
03 – Viewed from Trains
04 – External Limits
05 – To Become Silent
06 – Skylines

Pick up yours from FSOLDigital.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

07/04/17 - My Kingdom Reimagined - CD tracklist

The promised CD edition of My Kingdom Reimagined will follow a month after Record Store Day's 12" edition, and feature two extra tracks. Available from 24th May, the tracklisting runs as so:

1. My Kingdom - Path 7
2. Transient Empires
3. Collapsed Structures
4. Sound Shadow
5. My Kingdom - Path 8
6. Implanted Memores
7. My Kingdom - Path 9
8. Populate
9. Water Garden
10. Old Empire

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

04/04/17 - FSOL on Instagram

FSOL can now be found on Instagram with the @futuresoundoflondon account - or click here!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

29/03/17 - SX-1 close to sale

Brian has revealed in a Facebook comment that they are hoping to begin taking deposits for the SX-1 in May. Interested buyers are directed to the mailing list for updates.
With the SX-1s rolling out this year, it seems hopeful that the HALias will be following not too far after.

29/03/17 - Brian mixes Dan Pemberton TV soundtrack

From Brian's Facebook page: Just finished mixing the soundtrack album of " ONE STRANGE ROCK "
a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC documentary series
also very proud to say our FSOL:DIGITANA sx-1 synth has been used to create an amazing composition
available to pre order now ........

The pre-order is currently just for digital versions on the usual outlets, although a vinyl edition is believed to be on the way - FSOLDigital should be acquiring a few of those when they're about.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

27/03/18 - Free art print with FSOLDigital purchases

FSOL are offering a free art print with all purchases from their official store - the prints appear to be numbered out of 150, so that would seem like the number of purchases that will be receiving a freebie.