Friday, 5 July 2019

05/07/19 - New Humanoid track on Secret Rave 05 this September / 'Skinny Xam' out now.

The Humanoid revival continues with a new track, 'Uling', coming on the 3x12" compilation Secret Rave 05, to be released by Art-Aud in September. More news soon.

And speaking of compilations, the DE:10.06 12" on Detuned, featuring the new FSOL track 'Skinny Xam', is out now.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

25/06/19 - Humanoid Interview in next month's Electronic Sound magazine

There's not too much else to add at the minute other than the title. Looks like it'll probably be Issue 55.

25/06/19 - Zip File Fu*k Up

Some people are having trouble unzipping the full version of the Humanoid album. This appears to be because of the asterisk in the title of track five 'Fu*k It', which is not a valid file name character on PCs. The band are aware and will be updating the file ASAP.

Monday, 24 June 2019

24/06/19 - Built by Humanoid now available!

Built by Humanoid is now officially available from FSOLDigital. Copies will be shipping this week, and downloads are available. All copies bought direct from the site will receive a four track bonus EP to download, featuring the tracks 'Spore', 'Quantel', 'Co-Pilot' and 'Hull'. It's very good.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

29/05/19 - Built by Humanoid album & t-shirts now available to order

With an official release date of 7th July - but likely earlier shipping, as per usual with FSOLDigital - the new Humanoid album Built by Humanoid is available to pre-order now from FSOLDigital. The order page offers CD, LP+MP3, MP3 and FLAC versions. A colour design of the cover on black is the first of two related t-shirts, while a text version on black or white is the second. From the runtimes given, it appears the album is 43 minutes long.

29/05/19 - petition for deluxe Lifeforms

Regular news finder and contributor Rob Cagni has started a petition to hopefully let Universal know there is a demand for deluxe editions of FSOL's albums, starting with Lifeforms. You can sign the petition here. While the request for Universal to revert the rights to Gaz and Brian is unlikely, the label are reportedly interested in re-purposing the band's '90s catalogue, so this kind of attention will hopefully re-enforce that.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

25/05/19 - Built by Humanoid, out in June

Thanks to forum member ronniedobbs for finding this link with information about what appears to be the long-awaited new Humanoid album, Built by Humanoid. The tracklist runs as so:

1. Orfan Atmosphere
2. Polymath
3. Blokd
4. Traktion
5. Fu*k It
6. To Function Autonomously
7. Post Humans
8. A.p.e.
9. N-Droid

Needless to say this is exciting news! There will undoubtedly be an official announcement very soon to confirm the date (Red Eye have it as 7th June, Amazon have it listed as 20th June), and as the label is FSOLDigital, copies will be available from the official site on or before release day. CD and LP editions will be made available.