Monday, 30 January 2023

30/01/23 - Various updates

Hello all, apologies for the very long delay in getting news out. Unfortunately I've been quite ill recently and staying on top of the site hasn't been a priority; I was originally hoping to start covering last year's releases on my Fractional Difference blog this month but that, again, has had to take a back seat for the foreseeable future.

In FSOL news, there have been a couple of things to mention. Firstly, Humanoid track 'Atari Scodar' appeared on the third Found Sound compilation from Touched, along with - again - FSOL's 'Dox 2'. The CD is very much out of print now, but the set can be purchased as a download here. 'Atari Scodar' appears around the 42 minute mark of Mind Maps 3. Speaking of Mind Maps, the online launch event for the compilation announced that a fourth volume of the FSOLDigital mix CD series will be out this year. As far as I know, it's intended for release in the spring.

Other releases for 2023 include the conclusion of the Environment 7 trilogy, a new Record Store Day release, and hopefully the next '90s reissue from Universal, plus, of course, plenty of stuff previously unannounced. There's no sign of a Calendar Album yet, but that could still come along in the next 24 hours.

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

02/11/22 - Brian moonlights as film score guy

Sorry for the clickbait headline there. Still, it's worth noting that Brian has been helping longtime collaborator Dan Pemberton on his film scores, and this has gone seemingly unnoticed by most of us. He's credited for mixing the soundtrack to the National Geographic documentary One Strange Rock, "electronic instrument design" on the Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse score (most likely for use of the SX:One), and 303 programming on the score for Birds Of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn. Mr. Pemberton has certainly raised his game since creating the music for the first series of Peep Show 20 years ago, but it's also wonderful to see Brian on these albums. It's quite remarkable to think that there's a trace of FSOL on at least one Hollywood blockbuster.

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

12/10/22 - A Space of Partial Illumination out now!

E7.02 is out now from Bandcamp. Thoughts and observations:

Bandcamp title is A Space of Partial Illumination E7.002, but the CD and LP versions are both E7.02.
CD has different artwork to the LP, a warped photo of some pipes with rainbow colouring.
CD and digital have four bonus tracks: 'Mangy Burger', 'A Stationary Air Mass', 'Exists to Remove Doubt' and 'Sophies Path'. These aren't listed on the CD art.
'Mangy Burger' is the least FSOL title ever; 'Sophies Path' is named after Brian's cat.
Only 'FSOL' appears in the band's usual font, the rest in a new typeface not seen on an FSOL release before.
There is no reference at all to E7.02 on the CD spine, further moving away from the 'Environments' name.

Saturday, 17 September 2022

17/09/22 - A Space of Partial Illumination update

Stores are now listing release dates of 14th and 21st October for E7.02 A Space of Partial Illumination; given the band's usual decision to release albums a couple of weeks early, this suggests we'll probably be getting a Bandcamp edition in the next couple of weeks. And finally some news on the CD version: different cover art, and four additional tracks.

Thursday, 15 September 2022

15/09/22 - The Family Dog, remixes, unheard '80s Humanoid track?

In what is the first FSOLDigital release of an outside act for many years, the website presents 'Traumadol' by The Family Dog. The release is described as:
"In a tumbledown shack behind a hoarder’s house in the north of the city, strewn with logs for the firepit and guarded by a beast of a mutt they call Thor, THE FAMILY DOG have built The Box. A home-made rehearsal studio and musical kennel for their band, which consists of five North London brothers chewing up the marrow of Americana, soul, punk, blues, psychedelia and a whole lot more, then howling it all out in gigs resembling “a pack of wild dogs not giving a shit.” Swapping instruments, diving into crowds and embracing the chaos, they’re a feral concoction of White Denim, The Black Keys, Curtis Mayfield and The Band.
FSOL digital brings you the first release from this amazing guitar band.
“These guys are insane… Totally fukin hilariously good” Brian Dougans

As well as 'Traumadol', the release features a 'Decomposed' remix by Yage. With the MP3 at £1.50 and FLAC for £2.00, it will no doubt be of interest to fans for the remix alone. Grab it here.

In other news, a couple more Yage remixes have appeared. Pleasurefields' 'Hands of Time', remixed by Yage, appears on a ludicrously limited run of 10 lathe cut 12"s given away to friends of the Touched label, with the Heogen remix of 'sT8818r' on the b-side. Let's hope that mix gets a proper release one day, as it's currently by far the rarest track in the band's catalogue. The other remix has already been heard on Mind Maps 3, but is now properly identified and is available for purchase: Inkipak's 'Open Door', on the +ve album. Grab your copy from Fourier Transform.

It's been a long time since we uncovered an old track that's been floating around out there for years without being noticed by the fanbase, but it seems FSOLBoard member cascade has come across something very intriguing: a track called 'Here We Go' credited to Cold Steel. While this doesn't ring any obvious bells, in the liner notes it's credited to B. Dougans and B. Ofoedi, which looks like a misspelling of Ofoedu. With a runtime of 4:26, Brian's initial guess was that it was simply 'The Deep' renamed (the sort of sly trick Trax got up to, apparently). However, listening on YouTube proves it's not: there's definitely an Ofoedu rap, including a lyric that mentions the word humanoid; there's also a "go, go, go" chant which sounds suspiciously like the one sampled on 'Tingler'. Is this, then, an outtake from Global? More news as we get it...

Quick response from Mr. Dougans:
"So that’s me / but not me

Me / not me

That’s a half bake demo track that has been finished by Morgan
Ben is the rapper ( phats + small )
That rap was on the demo

Obviously finished up and sold to Trax
So yes, it's not officially sanctioned, nor is it a final Brian production, but it's still otherwise unheard late '80s Humanoid, and the presence of Brian makes it more FSOL-related than some of the Peter Black tracks on Global itself.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

13/07/22 - E7.02 in November?

Amazon are now listing the release date for the A Space of Partial Illumination LP as November 18th. This is obviously much more in line with the date given yesterday by Brian, although even later. With an FSOLDigital release due a couple of weeks beforehand, it's possible that at least CD and digital editions will be shipping from Bandcamp at the end of October, even in line with this date. As these things do tend to change quite often, this is all still provisional. More news as and when...

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

12/07/22 - E7.02 in October

Contrary to dates listed on various online stores, it turns out E7.02 A Space of Partial Illumination will not be released on 22nd or 29th July. In fact, the current release date is expected to be in October. As far as I'm aware, there aren't actually any copies in existence yet. FSOLDigital will be selling copies a couple of weeks before the street date, as normal. Let's hope there aren't too many people disappointed by the three month wait on their pre-orders through Amazon, Juno, etc.