Monday, 3 August 2020

03/08/20 - Cascade 2020 CD release date and tracklist

The awaited Cascade 2020 CD will be available as general release on 11th September (a slightly earlier FSOLDigital release is most likely, as usual). The tracklist, then:

1. Cascade Part 1 Recreated
2. Flood Of Reflection
3. Amid The Overwhelm
4. Cascade Part 6
5. Cascade Part 4 Recreated
6. Dark Hours Of Your Being
7. Sluice
8. Multiple Falling Objects
9. Deep Sea Of Clouds
10. What Falls Away Is Always
11. Brief Silence In The Distance
12. Things That Mattered
13. Cascade Part 7

Thus the CD includes three tracks not on the RSD LP ('What Falls Away is Always', 'Things that Mattered' and 'Cascade Part 7') compared to two extras from the past few years; 'Brief Silence in the Distance' moves from track 5 to track 11 compared to the vinyl, which will almost certainly be to do with segue and flow. As ever, these three bonus tracks will only be on CD and digital purchases and will not come as a download code if you buy the vinyl from a store. If you're buying the vinyl on Record Store Day itself, you'll have to make a separate purchase to get these three tracks. This is the first full FSOL record since last April, so we're all very excited to hear it!

Friday, 17 July 2020

17/07/20 - Kurakura album out now

Kurakura's debut album, Lockd Room Mysteries, is out now. The album, like last year's Smoke EP, has been produced and mixed by Hed-Set, the new project by Brian Dougans and Will White. It can be streamed and downloaded here.

17/07/20 - Future: Turned now on FSOLDigital

The new Humanoid EP, Future: Turned, is available to pre-order now from FSOLDigital on 12", FLAC and MP3. Order here.

Edit: An error with the MP3 zip file, which was previously believed to be because it was a pre-order, has now been resolved, and all downloads should be working immediately.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

12/07/20 - Environment Seven track Northern Point on Facebook

Our first glimpse of Environment Seven comes in the form of 'Northern Point'. A video of the track being performed in a live take at Brian's studio can be found on the FSOL Facebook. At nearly six minutes, it's much longer than the average FSOL track of late, and the overall sparse sound is somewhat reminiscent of The SX:One Live Improvisations - perhaps unsurprisingly, given what's seen on the video.

Friday, 19 June 2020

19/06/20 - Humanoid - Future: Turned 12" EP out in August

Brian looks set to continue the onslaught of new Humanoid material with a new EP this August. The Future: Turned EP contains four tracks: 'We Come From the Future', 'Logique Abstract', 'Turned', and 'The Words of the Elders'. Whether the last track will be the same as the version from the Chipspeech compilation remains to be seen. The general release date is 7th August, although a slightly earlier shipping date from FSOLDigital would be unsurprising.

Monday, 15 June 2020

15/06/20 - Touched Electronix 005 update

Touched Electronix 005, a double LP featuring the likes of 808 State, John Beltran, As One and Datassette, as well as Humanoid, is out on 9th July. The previously reported compilation opens with new Humanoid track 'Tower'. Pre-order from Bleep or Juno - both links also feature previews of all tracks.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

02/06/20 - Additional RSD reissue

On top of the previously announced - and eagerly awaited - Cascade 2020 and We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Remix) (which is still being listed everywhere as simply A Monster Psychedelic Bubble), a third Record Store Day exclusive has been announced. The 7" the accompanied the 2016 RSD LP reissue of Accelerator, featuring 'Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Edit)' and 'Stolen Documents (Accelerated Mix)', is being reissued as a standalone single, in tribute to Weatherall, who died this February. Both tracks are widely available on the 2016 CD edition of Accelerator, but the 7" has never been released on its own before. This will be available in participating record stores / COVID-catching-houses on 29th August, alongside the two other releases. Remaining copies will be available from FSOLDigital a week later, alongside digital versions of the two new records, and the expanded CD edition of Cascade 2020.