Tuesday, 25 September 2018

25/09/18 - September's calendar track and Archived 9 trailer.

This month's calendar track, 'Memories of a Yesterday', has been sent and should be in subscriber's inboxes now. It was an Archived 9 candidate that didn't end up selected, and if this is the quality of a track that didn't make it, then we're in for an incredible album next month.

Speaking of Archived 9, the first trailer for the album, featuring the first look at an animated version of the new Spike model, is now on the FSOL Instagram.

Friday, 14 September 2018

14/09/18 - FSOLDigital Mixcloud now open

To complement the Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mixcloud page that opened earlier in the week, the FSOLDigital page is now active, opening with Electric Brain Storm 3.

Monday, 10 September 2018

10/09/18 - The Pod Room comes to Mixcloud & Archived 9 pre-order

Fans have been asking after the various Essential Mix, Electric Brain Storm and Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble radio shows, mixes and podcasts since they were taken down from The Pod Room due to complex rights issues, and now the band have responded by starting to upload the various shows to Mixcloud. So far there is an MPB page, containing the first upload, 2009's A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind Vol. 8. Have a listen here

Hopefully more should follow in the not-too-distant future.

In other news, Archived 9 pre-orders should be appearing on FSOLDigital later this week.

10/09/18 - Archived 9 information and misinformation

Some Archived 9 news then.

CD tracklist:
1. Ocea
2. Semi Conscious Participant
3. Silent Midnight
4. Halfer
5. Embodied
6. Super Tide
7. Without You It's Meaningless
8. Oska Traveller
9. Slow Moving World
10. Propagate
11. Photographs Of An Object
12. A Constantly Changing Mind
13. Confirmation Bias
14. These Days
15. Riverbed
16. Extruded
17. Views Of A Empty Sky

LP tracklist:
A1: Ocea (6.38)
A2: Semi Conscious Participant (2.27)
A3: Silent Midnight (4.12)
A4: Halfer (4.34)
A5: Embodied (3.47)
A6: Super Tide (3.22)
B1: These Days (4.31)
B2: Slow Moving World (1.53)
B3: Propagate (3.41)
B4: Without You Its Meaningless (5.15)
B5: Light (3.05)
B6: Extruded (3.29)
B7: Views Of An Empty Sky (3.32)
B8: Plenary (1.24)

This means we have five CD exclusives:
'Oska Traveller'
'Photographs of an Object'
'A Constantly Changing Mind'
'Confirmation Bias'

And two LP exclusives:

So that's a double purchase for collectors. 'Riverbed' and 'Propagate' are from the 2017 Calendar album - bizarrely, 'Propagate' started life as a Humanoid track.

Various sites have release date listed as 29th September, 5th October and 19th October so far. It'll be on FSOLDigital before most of them no doubt, but then a certain German store was shipping My Kingdom Re-Imagined before FSOLDigital release earlier in the year, so who knows. Still, it's not a FSOL release without some confusion...

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

05/09/18 - Archived 9 out in October

Pre-orders for Archived 9 have begun appearing online. Juno have it down as coming soon, while an eBay listing provides a date of 5th October. The cover seemingly features no album title, the band name rendered as FSOL, and a warped Dead Cities cover complete with the new version of the Electronic Brain 'Spike' model. Does the Dead Cities cover mean we'll end up with 'My Kingdom Path 6' and other DC-era material? Probably not.

Monday, 20 August 2018

20/08/18 - August's calendar track

The eighth track of the 2018 calendar will be in subscriber's inboxes now, an Environment Six-era piece called 'Blacked Out Window' that sounds quite unlike any FSOL track we've heard before. There's also a new EBV logo on the track's accompanying image.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

03/07/18 - SX-1 on FSOLDigital

There's now a page for people to pay their £350 deposits for a FSOL : Digitana SX-1 on FSOLDigital, which includes ten samples of the kind of sounds it can make.

Those with a slightly more modest income may be happy to know that FSOL : Digitana are currently hard at work finalising the HALia, which will come bearing a considerably more modest price tag in the not-too-distant future.