Friday, 17 June 2022

17/06/22 - FSOL remix Dan Pemberton

Daniel Pemberton, frequent collaborator with Brian and Gaz since the late '90s, has just released a promotional single in support of his score for the film Brian and Charles. The single, 'Wales, Land of Wonder', features a FSOL remix of 'The Workshop of Invention' on the b-side. The remix appears on the full album score which will be available for puchase next week, 24th June.

17/06/22 - Mind Maps 3 out now

Grab your copy from Touched Music. Stay tuned for FSOLDigital release.

Saturday, 11 June 2022

11/06/22 - Mind Maps 3 launch event

As with the previous volumes, Touched Music will hold a launch event for the third Mind Maps CD on Mixlr prior to its release. The mix album will be played in full, and no doubt some additional material will appear, in the event starting at 7:30BST on Friday. Here's a Facebook link for the event, and here's the Mixlr page.

Monday, 23 May 2022

23/05/22 - Mind Maps 3 on June 17th

17th June 2022 is your release date for Mind Maps 3. No tracks confirmed yet other than a remix of a piece by Enofa. There will very likely be a Touched Music preview before release.

Friday, 13 May 2022

13/05/22 - Mind Maps 3

We are very happy to announce that the third volume of the FSOLDigital Presents Mind Maps mix CD series is on its way and will be out in the not-too-distant future. More news as it comes in...

Friday, 6 May 2022

06/05/22 - Calendars crossfaded

Cheers to fsolish on the board for this discovery - the Bandcamp editions of the previous five Calendar Albums feature crossfades between the majority of tracks, making them feel like 'proper' FSOL albums. The differences are very subtle, although one major difference is the move of the opening environment of 'Petroleum' to the start of 'Artificial Placement of Emotion'. We've yet to give them a proper listen, but this is certainly a positive step (albeit one that requires a second purchase for those of us so inclined) and hopefully the albums will feel a little more complete now.

Monday, 2 May 2022

02/05/22 - Rituals out last week, as you already know

As I spent the whole of last week stuck in bed with some pretty terrifying post-Covid fatigue, I wasn't up to updating the page to inform everybody of the excellent news that the CD, digital edition and the band's vinyl stock of Rituals was made available from Wednesday 27th April, a couple of days earlier than expected. General response from fans has been very positive, with a couple of people disappointed at the comparative lack of melodic pieces. Indeed, in terms of past albums, its closest cousin is maybe ISDN in its raw, chugging beats and emphasis on rhythm over melody. On the whole, however, it has its own new sound and is a very worthwhile addition to the FSOL catalogue. Grab yours here now. The gradual obsolesence of the FSOLDigital page continues as the album isn't listed there at all. Two of the expected previously heard tracks are on the album - 'Hopiate' and 'Ritualised' - meaning there is more known material in the speculation about e7.002, which is still expected to follow later in the year. In other Record Store Day news, the 2LP reissue of Earthbeat can also be picked up from Bandcamp now.