Saturday, 29 March 2014

29/03/14 - One of those 'here's a billion new things' updates

Nothing released, but a few updates from the band on future releases...

Buggy G. Riphead is currently working on the artwork for Environments 5, so things are moving smoothly there, and we should still be expecting a release later in the year.  This one seems to have taken longer to complete as it's going to be a much longer album than 4.  The band are also considering related stuff to coincide with the release, and although nothing is confirmed yet, this could include a box set, a vinyl release or even a single.  More news later in the year.

It has been confirmed the soundtrack to the game Mushroom 11 is just selections from the Archives & Environments series.

Broadcast of Variants mini album to come this year.  Expected title to be City of Regrets.  BoV is the project of Russian musicians Vladislav Isaev and Elena Isaeva.

New singles and EPs from EMS : Piano, Blackhill Transmitter, The Amorphous Androgynous and Seafar.  We imagine this'll probably be another batch release like the last lot of EPs.  The Amorphous single will be called Mother.

A single called Open Window.  Whether this will be as FSOL or under the Open Window name is not currently known, but as the track was listed in the EBS3 tracklist as 'From the Jazz Mags', it is probable that this will be the eventual release of those sessions.

Electric Brain Storms 9 is due later in the year and might take a slightly different approach to the previous ones.

Digital album from Sturmazdale entitled Document #2 due soon.  Sturmazdale is form of Ross Baker and Craig Gillman.

And probably other stuff too.  We'll keep you updated.

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