Thursday, 13 March 2014

13/03/14 - An end of sorts

Look at that! A FSOL pun title! And it works!

As you may have noticed, the fully fleshed out website version of The Galaxial Pharmaceutical has gone offline. It's been around for twelve years, in which time the internet has changed significantly. With the rise of sites like Wikipedia and Discogs, the need for fansites has diminished drastically. And whilst FSOL have a long, convoluted, occasionally strange and densely confusing history, it still remains that the news page and forums have formed the main activity on the site for the last few years, according to our stats. Web 2.0 and all that. On the plus side, no Frames.
This doesn't mean, however, that the content is gone. Not at all. Instead, you'll find on the right here, links to sub-forums on the FSOLBoard, which contain threads for every release, every ISDN transmission, live show and mix, and all known interviews. Not only can you read about the group, but now you can discuss particulars in-thread. So join the board and tell us which is your favourite version of Papua New Guinea from the 2001 re-release, and explain why it's not the Simian Remix (it really should be the Simian Remix). Some of the pages need an update, and that's going ahead slowly but surely - but the bulk of the information is there.

There are various other reasons for this, including excessively expensive webhosting and the need to edit the site on the go, which will also be addressed by this move. The Second Thought domain will exist for a short while yet, but in general it's best to bookmark for all your future FSOL needs.

In other news, we can confirm the double LP version of The Cartel + Remixes is a Record Store Day release. So go and buy yours in April if you can get through the crowds alive.

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