Wednesday, 19 March 2014

19/03/14 - Some more Mushroom 11 info

Some more notes on FSOL's soundtrack to the upcoming Mushroom 11 game. Some more gameplay footage, featuring a slightly different mix of A Corner, can be found here:

And from the developer's blog, a bit of info about how the collaboration came about:

"I’ve been a huge fan of British electronic music duo The Future Sound of London (FSOL) since the 90s. Their experiments in various musical sub-genres have inspired me for decades, with masterpieces like ISDN, Dead Cities and my personal favorite, Lifeforms.

When coming up with the original designs for Mushroom 11, I used to listen to FSOL while designing its dark, desolate world. The pace, story and even the mechanics were highly influenced by their unique ambience.

Around a year ago I decided to try and get FSOL on board with the production of Mushroom 11. I believed it would be a near impossible task for me—an indie developer with no PR or funds, nor with a compelling product at the time—to convince this supergroup to join forces. I was thoroughly surprised at how helpful and accommodating they were, and how much they had believed in the game, even when all I had to show for it was interesting mechanics, programmer art, and some grandiose ideas. They provided me with tips, ideas and a huge selection of beautiful, electrifying music, which really helped me define Mushroom 11 and set its style and direction.

So, I couldn’t be prouder to announce the collaboration between Mushroom 11 and The Future Sound of London. Also remember that Mushroom 11 is up for the prestigious IGF 2014 Excellence in Design Award, so if you’d like to play the latest build, come by the IGF Pavilion at the GDC Expo, San Francisco, March 19-21. Hope to see you there! Itay (@itayke)"

A wonderful example of the guys working hand in hand with the independent, DIY world once more. Oh, and here's a poster:

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