Friday, 19 September 2008

19/09/08 - Cobain, Amorphous, Live, Not Live

Yes, once again we've only found out about a live performance at the last minute - in this case, Gaz Cobain performing (no idea, probably a DJ set) at Reworks 2008 in Greece. Tomorrow. 20th September.
Read about it here if you wish.
Secondly, a gentleman by the name of Virgil Howe, who you may remember from the current Amorphous lineup, is playing in London soon. His promoters have billed it as The Future Sound of London. It is not. Amorphous obsessives may wish to note Dave Sanderson, AA's second vocalist, will be perfoming on some of his songs. This is all happening on 4th October at 93 ft East on Brick Lane in London.

More excitingly, he also informs me 'Hopefully we'll be doing a London show soon as the group'. This is likely to be the long rumoured Amorphous UK show this year. Keep your fingers crossed we find out a little sonner than that Greek performance!

Oh, and By Any Other Name/The Woodlands Of Old CDs are being shipped from FSOLDigital now, so get buying. BAON's artwork interestingly mentions something under the name 'Yage: The Movie' from 1993. This may ring bells with longtime fans. No information about it, mind.

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Anonymous said...

I was in Reworks Festival in Greece yesterday and i listened to Gaz Cobain's dj set. He was awesome! He played a lot of tracks by many artists which i didn't know but they were really good.I know that he played 2 tracks by Midnight Juggernauts one track by Simian, one by MGMT and "We have explosive" by the FSOL of course..