Saturday, 30 August 2008

30/08/08 - FSOL working on a film remix.

In this slightly confusing article, we find out that FSOL are working on a film with innovative production company Breakthru Films. It is not known exactly what the collaboration will entail, be it a soundtrack or actual film work. The article states:
"Breakthru’s forthcoming feature-length horror Sh – a collaboration with the band The Future Sound of London (FSOL) – will embrace creative and integrated approaches to marketing. There’ll be a tent installation at summer music festivals, offering an additional perspective that will add to people’s experience of the film. FSOL is also producing a musical remix of the film."
It all sounds incredibly interesting, and of course the phrase "the band The Future Sound of London" is always a lovely phrase to hear - what with continuing speculation from fans about the possibility of future material - but we can't help but wonder exactly what a musical remix of a film is going to be like.
Only time will tell, so keep your eyes open!

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