Monday, 22 September 2008

22/09/08 - Frisky Radio, Film Remix and Psych Bubble updates.

A quick run through what we've got at the moment:


Yeah, don't forget about this on Friday, 2PM GMT. Brian informs us about a subscription service, as far as we can tell from this is for on demand and download and it may be available to listen live for free. If it's missed, the show will be on The Pod Room once it opens.

2. Thanks to Ceeg for the endless research and help, this time he's come up with some interesting facts about the Sh film project. From

Future Sound of London will takes us deeper, beyond the realm of rationale and reason, with their Sh “remix”, a 45-60 minute set featuring FSOL’s Audio-Visual Remix of the Film with an Extended Soundscape. The Sh remix is the centrepiece of a range of Music Based Audio-Visual Content that form a part of the Sh Experience (distributed on–line, in-stores and performed live as part of the theatrical premiere and music festivals, where we will seed the Sh Pod: Experience the Disease).

A very, very interesting sounding project and good to see the guys heading off into strange, unknown lands once again!

3. The last thing we read, A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble... Exploding In Your Mind volume 1, compiled and mixed by The Amorphous Androgynous was out in October on Platipus. That's still all we know, and with the release deadline nearing it might be another setback. Who knows! In the meantime, here's a jolly nice cover shot in larger detail for you...

Yes, that is a person morphing into a tree. Yes, we are scared too.

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