Friday, 26 September 2008

26/09/08 - Frisky Radio show

This afternoon it was the turn of Frisky Radio to host a FSOL show, which we are tentatively calling The Electric Brainstorm Volume II (unconfirmed). Similar in style to the first volume, it's more of a mix set than an ISDN tour-era FSOL broadcast. There's some interesting stuff in there, as you will see...

To Rococo Rot - Freitag
Legaic - Mings Feaner
Onstrance - Chaingang
Chris Carter - Slomo
Marne Nordheim - Colorazione
Max Richter - Cathodes
Jonny Greenwood - Clockwork Tin Soldiers
Max Ritcher - This Picture Of Us
The Future Sound of London - Summers Dream
Elite Barbarian - Soft Remind
Cassette Boy - ?
The Advisory Circle - The Old Schoolhouse
Implog - Holland Tunnel Drive
The Future Sound of London - Open Window (Taken From The Jazz Mags)
Zakir Hussian - Jan Garbarck
Can - ?
Stephen Mallinder - Del Sol
The Future Sound of London - Viewed From Above

So, new FSOL material in there. Summers Dream has no 'taken from' credit, unike the others, so we're unsure. Maybe new, maybe Archive 6, maybe 2" Tape Reels.
Open Window bares the Jazz Mags parentheses. Whether this is part of the title or a forthcoming release is unknown. And of course Viewed From Above, for those of you who don't have Environments II yet.
Nice, as ever, to see FSOL collaborators and friends in there (Max Richter and Legaic this time around), and some interesting choices - there's some psych rock choices from Amorphous popping in there, and some beautifully obscure tracks like the Implog piece to go along with.
At only 45 minutes it's not the three hour show we're desperate to hear, but it's an interesting an enjoyable set and contains a couple of exciting mystery tracks. MP3s are already doing their rounds...

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