Thursday, 21 February 2008

21/02/08 - Crystals promo uncovered

With all of the new material appearing, we suddenly come across one of the oldest releases in the band's catalogue. The fifth single from Humanoid's Global album was Crystals, but only appeared on US label Chicago Trax. Another 12", with two 'different' versions of Crystals, has been on the discography forever, but nothing has ever been seen of it.

Until now.

Labelled as PROMO HUMT3 - putting it as a release after The Deep, not in 1988 like we prevoiusly thought - the single was never commercially released, but a DJ promo exists. Containing Crystals (Extended Version) on both sides (although not actually extended, as it is 30 seconds shorter than the album version), the 12" appeared online in mp3 form recently. Thanks to Pandemonium on the forums for uncovering this one. Once we hear it, we'll let you know the differences between this and the album version.

Time to update the discography properly...

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