Tuesday, 4 March 2008

04/03/08 - ExtremeMusic tracks

It's been discussed on the forums for a while, but it's finally time to make the information known. If you check out http://www.extrememusic.com/ you'll find a heap of apparently unreleased FSOL material. Under 'X Series', in the 'Composers' section, there are a number of pieces by Dougans/Cobain. These tracks are pieces the band have hired out for commercial use, and are not available for sale, but the full tracks can all be streamed on the site. Not is all as it seems (typically), as many of the tracks are available on the Archive series anyway. Here's a brief description of what's there...

From 'Acid Breaks':
Jaw Breaker (04.32) - actually an edit of 'Speed Ball' from Archive 4
Roid Rage (03.26) - electric guitars and funky breaks
Big Max (04.20) - acoustic guitars and breakbeats
Fly & Mash (04.52) - pre-Accelerator acid
Skunk Junk (03.25) - '5 Months 5 Acres' from Archive 4
Touching Bass (04.13) - 'G Eletro' from Dead Cities era ISDN show
Swelter Skelter (04.42) - we can only think this is a very old track, hip hop brass stabs, wah guitar and squelchy breakbeats

From 'Deep Chill':
Bubble & Peak (05.22) - 'Lizzard Crawl' from Archive 1
Ice Stage (03.44) - edit of 'Cellular Control' from Archive 2
Unreality Control (04.20) - dark, minimal trip-hop
Acid Drop (04.45) - strange guitar/FX/sax soundscape

From 'Dark Trance':
Sable Empire (03.26) - sounds like an Intelligent Communication era piece
Dearth Control (04.03) - 'Plasmatik' from Archive 4
Airless Whisper (04.20) - minimal techno
Blindside Bizarro (03.50) - breaks/trance

From 'Psychedelic Air':
Eerie Query (02.46) - dark ambient drones
Polar Rinse (03.41) - strings and sub-bass rumbles
Tinted Love (02.07) - piano piece, can't work out where it's from despite its familiarity
Stark Tower (04.55) - synth ambience
Dead Ringer (01.58) - dramatic orchestral piece

There are some very interesting pieces here - Airless Whisper, Polar Rinse, Dead Ringer and Swelter Skelter aren't anything like the FSOL we know, and it's nice to hear a full studio version of G Eletro. And they're available to listen to for free on the site, and to license out for use on films &c. - keep your ears open, you might hear one on a documentary or trailer today!

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