Wednesday, 25 April 2012

25/04/12 - Old(ish) library music uncovered

It's usually at this point - with new music coming in from all sides - that somebody comes up with an old, hidden release we weren't aware of.  And this is no exception.  Coming again from the mysterious bringer of news frodekommode, we have two more discs of library music, seemingly connected to the Monsterism Island project of Pete Fowler, entitled Monsterism Day and Monsterism Night, released on the Lo Editions label.  Monsterism Day features 'Good Morning Islands', credited to Dougans, Cobain and Mikey Rowe, whilst Monsterism Night boasts three Dougans/Cobain tracks: Rituals and You, Where in the Hedges, and Locals Only, the latter recorded with ex-Propellerhead Will White (as also featured on Environments 2 and The Woodlands of Old).
You can read more about these on Discogs: Day and Night. As these are promotional only, there's no news on exactly where and how to hear these tracks. One can only hope they've either appeared on other releases, a la some of the Extreme Music tracks, or will see wider release one day.

edit: most of this seems to have appeared elsewhere in other names, but the track 'Where in the Hedges' is exclusive.  Listen here.

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