Monday, 23 April 2012

23/04/12 - Environments 4 on YouTube, 12" on FSOLDigital

Hello.  As I am currently using an internet connection which blocks YouTube, things will be most simple if I point you all in the direction of this part of the Environments 4 thread to see videos for Murmurations, Clear Light of Reality, Fibrilation and Stand a Little Less Between Me and the Sun, or at least clips of said tracks. It's mostly acoustic tinged ambience of the very ambient variety, except Murmurations which sounds like... well, the Amorphous Androgynous, bizarrely. The video comments state that the album is available 'Now', which is possibly slightly misleading as it's still available for pre-order on FSOLDigital. Mind you, Gaz advertised the availablity of The Peppermint Tree on CD quite a while before it was released, so maybe that's less of a surprise in perspective.
Speaking of Gaz, the Amorphousy Murmurations appeared on both his theelectronicbrain and GazCobain YouTube accounts, which is just a nice confirmation that FSOL is a going concern of his these days, rather than a Brian-based project.
All in all, these tracks mean the album is shaping up to be very interesting indeed, and has got everyone wondering what other surprises it will contain.

While you ponder over that and wait for your CD copy to arrive in the post, you can also order the DJ Food remix 12" from FSOLDigital. Hurrah and all that.  Hurry though, it's proven incredibly popular so far...

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