Tuesday, 17 March 2009

17/03/09 - BLOC videos online

A very kind soul who was lucky enough to catch the boys at BLOC festival has uploaded some clips for us. You can find them here. They're hosted on MySpace video - if anyone has any trouble with Java/Flash/other tedious crap which happened at this end when trying to view these, we recommend VDownloader to cut out all the Flash Video crap in the middle.

What to say? Proggy sounds familiar to us from the ExtremeMusic compilations, while the new untitled track is very nice - melodic but upbeat with an IDM-ish sort of rhythm. Performances of the others sounded similar to album versions, but there seems to be some variation, and apparently Lifeforms was altered more significantly, although we don't have a video of that yet.

If anything more turns up, ie a recording (hint hint guys), we'll let you know!

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