Saturday, 14 March 2009

14/03/09 - BLOC setlist

Well, once again a false prediction on our part - not much new stuff in there. But we're hoping we get a recording soon because the setlist is fantastic, a definite greatest hits, not in the Teachings From The Electronic Brain style. Thanks, as ever, to Graham, who has provided this for us...

Mouth Muse
Dead Cities
My Kingdom
Globular (this was just the end section)
Tingler 96
New Untitled Track
We Have Explosive
Papua New Guinea

It's obviously more 'dance' and festival friendly, but five track from the album is definitely a positive - it looks like Gaz has made his peace with Dead Cities at last.
We're holding out for a recording of this - from what we know, the band have been preparing for ages so this could be fantastic stuff. Watch this space...

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