Sunday, 8 March 2009

08/03/09 - Falling Down remix available now!

Here is an Amazon link to make a purchase of the Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble mix of Falling Down by Oasis
You should buy it, really, it's pretty fantastic. Starting off with the section we heard on Rob Da Bank - the 'radio' part, really, a psychedelic Tomorrow Never Knows-esque version of the original track - and moving into the second instrumental jam section, the track suddenly veers into more FSOL territory for part three, with pianos, Environments II/Dead Ringer-esque strings, filtered vocals and lovely synth work. Part four sees Dave Sanderson (we think) take over the vocal work, pretty much turning it into an Amorphous cover of the track, and part five brings Noel back into the mix, before a dramatic strings and crows (yes, that sample is still around...) outro.
It works very much like a classic FSOL EP - starting with the 'original' track (if you imagine this is AA featuring Noel Gallagher) and then heading off into various versions of the piece. It's epic and genuinely a fantastic piece of music, worth a purchase for any Amorphous fan.

Anyway, enough gushing for now.

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