Friday, 21 November 2008

21/11/08 - some articles, EBS3 gets a second outing

Have a read of a couple of articles promoting the Psych Bubble CD (out in all good retailers on Monday). First up we have Gaz talking about psychedelia - the opening stuff is from the CD booklet, but it features a nice list of recommended albums. Secondly, Gaz again talks about music - this time the most important 36 albums to him. You can download these as image files here and here (note: big files!). The album itself is getting some rave reviews so far.

And for the pointless news completists out there, the Electric Brainstorms 3 sessions (premiered on Frisky Radio a few weeks ago and available in all good Pod Rooms) was played on Proton Radio on the 17th, and thus will be available to download and stream from their on-demand service.

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