Wednesday, 12 November 2008

12/11/08 - Pod room and shows, Zed Storm?

Our friendly FSOL-friend Mason Bentley, on the boards, has given us a tracklist for the second Electric Brainstorm mix (the postponed three hour show), which runs a little like this:
01. The Future Sound of London - Heart Sick
02. 801 - Brocken Head
03. Fizzarum - Phut Of Plex
04. Pierre Henry - Erotica
05. Pauline Oliveros - Processions
06. Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien
07. The Advisory Circle - Hocusing For Beginners
08. Nurse With Wound - Russolo
09. Herbert Elmert - Klangstudie II
10. EMS:PIANO - The Suitcase
11. The Future Sound of London - Environments 2
12. Focus - Anonymous Two
13. Ennio Morricone - Ninna Per Adulteri
14. Brian Eno & David Byrne - Two Against Three
15. Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn
16. Throbbing Gristle - Lyre Liar
17. Morton Feldham - Voice + Cello
18. Andy Fairley - Jack The Biscuit
19. The Supsonic - Mach 2.2
20. EMS:PIANO - The Vessel
21. The Future Sound of London - Somewhere (Archived)
22. The Future Sound of London - Tudor Oak (Manor Farm)
23. Mary St John - Angular Reflectance Characteristics
24. Zeebox - Clik Clik
25. 90˚ South - Citroen DS
26. Malcolm Clarke - Bath Time
27. Cevinkey - Blotter
28. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Carosel
29. To Rococo Rot - Eisfeld
30. Clyde Port Authority - Dredgers
31. Bernard Parmegiani - ?
32. Zeebox - Open Head Surgery
33. The Future Sound of London - Environments 2
34. Mordant Music - Ghost Ship
35. Robin Saville - Colin The Lazy Cormorant Part 1
36. FS Blumm - Binsen And Bast
37. Yage - Til We Meet Again
38. John Cage - Imaginary Landscape No 1
39. Focus Group - Leaving Through
40. Jazkamer - Live @ Super
41. Matmos - Rainbow Flag
42. Monstrance - I Lovely Cosmonaut
43. Vashti Bunyan - Pink Sugar Elephants
44. Delia Derbyshire - Mattchin
45. Faust & Nurse with Wound - Lass Mich
46. Zeebox - Minimal Wave
47. Nel Mondo de Lavoro - Calcolatore Electtronico
48. The Coma Lillies - 4
49. Pan Sonic - Fugal Force
50. Proem - Cold Water
51. Belbury Poly - New Mobility
52. Second Thought - Street
53. Funckarma - Atmodion Drake
54. The Future Sound of London - A Corner
55. Land Of Nod - The Land Of Nod (Sunrise)
56. Neu - emusik
57. Sunburned Hand of the Man - Nice Butterfly Mask
58. Clyde Port Authority - Stand Still
59. The Future Sound of London - Distant Nebulus
60. The Future Sound of London - Environments 2
61. The Future Sound of London - Turned
62. Monsterism Music Library
63. Daniel Pemberton - ?
64. The Future Sound of London - Yage (Bejing)
65. Zeebox - Heavily Involved With Drugs
So, what can we say about this tracklist? Well, it was promised to contain some new FSOL material, and it's highly likely the opening track is newly recorded - Turned is also a title new to us, so it's possible unheard material. There are also unreleased Zeebox tracks from Heavily Involved With Drugs) and EMS:Piano tracks, which are curiously credited to Dougans/Cobain, despite the project initially seeming to be a Dougans solo work.
The tracks labelled simply as Environments 2 suggest the set was most likely constructed while the album was intended to be '3 parts - 59 minutes' as opposed to the 14 track version we're familiar with now. Although this means A Corner wasn't originally intended for the album... confusion once more. Elsewhere we have Somewhere (Archived), again suggest From The Archives Vol 6, even though only five were planned. These tracks just keep appearing! 1997 track Tudor Oak has resurfaced too, although it is currently unknown whether the manor farm suffix refers to a sub-title or an album it's from. Time will (may) tell. Yage (Bejing) is another mytsery track, whether this will be a remix of Yage or a new track or a Yage track remains to be seen - and speaking of Yage, there's an unreleased track, probably from the Woodlands of Old sessions, called Til We Meet Again. Monsterism Music Library is likely to be FSOL-related (or Dougans, at least), with the link to Pete Fowler's Monsterism cartoon and possible soundtrack to the forthcoming series. The final tracks to watch are the Clyde Port Authority, which are credited to A W Dougans (possibly Alan Dougans), the CPA name has appeared in mailings to our site from Brian himself!
The rest of the show features a lot of early experimental electronic and avant-garde artists alongside some more contemporary industrial and ambient, with a few trademark psych and prog tracks, and some stuff we've not heard of.
This show is only coming to The Pod Room. If you're as excited by the tracklist as we are, you'll be happy to hear this won't be long - The Pod Room is in the process of being transferred and will be with is in the very near future. Watch this space!
RONXTO on our forum has spoken to someone who has heard what is rumoured to be new FSOL material. Only the name Zed Storm has appeared, and we are told features an acid bassline and breakbeats. Zed Storm may be a song title or a new alias, maybe we shall see!
Right, I've wasted enough office time, back to work...

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