Tuesday, 11 November 2008

11/11/08 - Release dates and links

CDs are, apparently, in the post, but here's some release dates for you:
Environments II and From The Archives 5 are available in the shops from 5th January 2009. Of possible mild interest is the artwork: Environments II seems to feature the identical cover to the one on FSOLDigital (with the different font the normal), while Archive 5's cover seems to have reverted its writing to mixed font, making it out of place with the other archive releases, but fitting with the Freeze Magazine CD and Envrionments 1, perhaps a sign of artwork to come?
Those who haven't spotted the first volume of A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble under AA or FSOL, this may be because it's listed on some sites as Various Artists (annoyingly), but a search for the title should give results.
The Royal Mail seem to have mislaid our copy of the latter for the moment, but word from the forum reveals a five page ramble from Mr. Cobain in the booklet, which goes on to mention him arriving at the end of his voyage of discovery at the end of last year - which seems to have gone some of the way towards the re-emergence of the FSOL moniker. With every revelation it really does seem a new Future Sound of London album is hurtling in our direction (albeit a relatively slow hurtle...). We'll post some more snippets from the booklet if anything else interesting turns up!

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