Friday, 29 August 2008

29/08/08 - new live and radio shows, new releases!

Hello. FSOL are back and hitting us with a lot of stuff at once again.
First up, an incredibly short notice about the next live Amorphous Androgynous show: Moscow on August 31st. Online translation sites give the following information: The garden the Hermitage Moscow the Russian Federation in Moscow. Wherever that is. The lineup is:
Garry (Gaz) Cobain - electronics, vocal
Alisha Sufit - vocal
Dave Sanderson - vocal, percussoin
Gary Lucas - guitars
Virgil Howe - drums
Baluji Shrivastav - sitar, vocal
Dianne Harris - video projections
Or you can read it in Russian here.
Number 2. FSOL on Frisky Radio. Here's a straight copy of what's said on the forum:
Dj KiRA (of protonradio fame) has managed to track down FSOL once again and they will be performing an 'exclusive guest mix' on his other show, "The Genre Show" on Frisky Radio.

Show starts 2pm UK time | Friday, Sept 26

For those of you with Facebook, the event is here:
Hopefully we'll get more information nearer the time.

Third up: new on FSOLDigital!
The Pod Room is now coming soon and promises 'Transmissions, radio shows, live shows and live feeds'.
New release number 1 is the long-promised From The Archives vol. 5. This time we've got what looks like a final release cover, lining up nicely with the other four volumes. Included are a number of unheard gems, alongside some of those long-awaited 1997 sessions (Peel, Fun and Mixing It), including an unheard mix of The Shining Path, Dead Cities era favourite G Eletro, and links between almost all tracks, making it sound the most rounded of the five archives so far. It's a very, very solid release and makes the series stronger and stronger.
01. Sendero Luminoso
02. A Sweltering Heat
03. Exploded Funk
04. Private Psyche And Inner Life
05. The Exhibition
06. Yashica
07. Tif Feetal
08. Distant Memories
09. Darkness At Noon
10. Vacuum
11. Fat Spat
12. Tokyo Travel
13. Water Hole

We're never sure how opinionated to make this news section seem, but screw it: Environments II is phenomenal. The other digital release today, the album is truly epic, with strings, choirs, sea sounds, light beats and everything that made the first Environments album great, just one step up. Split into fourteen tracks, including contributions from Max Richter, Daniel Pemberton, Chris Margory, Robert Fripp, Colin Bell and Will White, the album also contains previous
ly heard samples, Glaciar Part 2 is the guitar and percussion track from Mixing It '97, and there's also a reworking of Vit Drowning in there. Anyway, it comes highly recommended, and could work its way up to being an absolute FSOL classic.
01. Viewed From Above
02. Glacier (Part 1)
03. Serengeti
04. Colour Blind
05. A Corner
06. Newfoundland
07. North Arctic
08. Factories And Assembly
09. Ice Formed
10. Small Town
11. Nearly Home
12. Boca Manu
13. Journey To The Centre
14. Glacier (Part 2)

By Any Other Name has a new cover! Or some colours, at least,
for its CD release. Yage's The Woodlands Of Old has the same cover. Both are being released on disc - Jumpin' & Pumpin', no doubt - in September, so FSOLDigital predicts. Looks like expensive times are ahead!

And rest.

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