Saturday, 26 July 2008

26/07/08 - PBS on hold, Pod Room, and a thank you.

Thanks to Ceeg and AS Cob for this one - it looks like the PBS transmission, Electric Brain Storm 2, isn't happening just yet. Brian has confirmed it's on hold, apparently because of licensing problems.
Some of you on the forums may remember I mentioned a possibility of old transmissions making a reappearance in the future - the project has now been given a name, 'The Pod Room', where the band's old mixes and transmissions will be available for download. Obviously a project like this is pretty complex so please no requests for when it's going to happen, let's just wait.
To end on a lovely note, here's Brian's take on the 15,000+ sales of the Archives series:
"the FSOLdigital platform has performed very well - we are delighted
that people still dig us - we dig you all too"


jayphex said...

Assuming this was finally broadcast, any idea where I can listen to this - is it up on any sites still? cheers. Oh, nice site by the way.

Ross said...

Hasn't been broadcast yet - look for it on The Pod Room once it opens!