Sunday, 9 March 2008

09/03/08 - even more new releases! (and a very old one)

That's right, after years of nothing, they're continuing to pile on the new music. Remember the Five Six Five track from the Freeze CD, which claimed to be from Environments II? Well, that wasn't a typing error. Here's the cover. It's described as "Where Environments 1 left off, the journey continues through dark head storms to green grass valleys future and past", covering "3 parts 59 minutes". Coming soon, this'll probably be a digital download. We know nothing of release dates, CD releases, tracklist or even whether this is old or new material. But it's pretty exciting, no? And that cover's a lot better than the awful Environments 1 cover, which we're still hoping will get an update before its CD release. Even more interesting, is a new Yage album. Yes, that alias which gave us jazzy house and minimal techno in 1992 is back. And sounds nothing like it used to. The title track to "The Woodlands Of Old" is available on the band's MySpace, and sounds much like The Amorphous Androgynous with less of an eastern influence. The band describe the album as a "New collection of tracks from FSOL's engineer/producer Yage. 19 songs 1hr 5mins". Another unexpected release. There's also a nice, professional looking cover for From The Archives Volume 4 on the page now, leading us to believe a CD release can't be that far off. This time just showing the Electronic Brain, without Shauneen Ta, it fits in stylistically with the rest of the series.

Now, in fitting with current trends, for every hundred new releases, we seem to stumble across an old Humanoid release. This Japanese import from 1988 features the same tracks as the UK version, but entirely exclusive artwork, on a special 3" CD. Thanks to (RONTXO) for finding this and for the images!
And that's about it for the minute. We're working on a nice big discography/lyrics & song info update soon to get all this information in order!

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