Monday, 25 April 2016

25/04/16 - Synth-A vinyl coming on 3rd June

The Synthi-A album, Ignition of the Sun, will be receiving a vinyl release on 3rd June. Of particular interest is that it's a different mix of the album, with a different running order and three exclusive tracks: Wave-Length, Dilation of Time and Lifecycle; this version, however, doesn't include the track Disparity in Oscillations Ab (unless, of course, it's been re-named - this wouldn't be the first time that's happened!). Expect an FSOLDigital update in the next couple of weeks. Full tracklist:

1. Ignition Of The Sun
2. Oblique Towers
3. Wave-length
4. Garden Of Syn
5. Rutt Etra
6. Dilation Of Time
7. Return Beyond The Inner Voice
8. Moon In Dissidence
9. Rivers Of Occasion
10. Sirens From A Distance
11. Opalis Amar Xam
12. Pathway To I
13. Lifecycle
14. Bridge Between Tal
15. Liquid Light Voids

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