Friday, 8 April 2016

08/04/16 - Touched FSOL night report

I think it's fair to say last night's show on Touched Radio was a success. We had well over a hundred listeners and the chat room was very busy. A lot of exclusive and rare material was played, along with some lesser known pieces and a few 'hits'. A great selection of tracks from 1992 - 2016 were played. It's likely many hangovers were nursed today.

Here's the final total for completely unheard tracks:
Four untitled tracks + lots of answerphone environments from the FSOL Mix at the start
Two tracks of unknown title - one not given, the other Martin lost
Algae Floats the Water in Super Technicolor
Night Scape
Morning Mist
Ever Really Happened
Supergrass - The Sky (FSOL Remix)

Alternate versions of the Bryan Ferry and Stereo MCs remixes

Tracks heard in the previous FSOL Night:
Arc City
Santana (formerly Carlos)
The JAMS - It's Grim Up North (FSOL Remix)

Plus 'official' confirmation that Cold Dark Field from the Covert album is FSOL.

Oboliss will be on a compilation called Detuned out later this year.
Night Scape will be on Touched 3, out this July.
The rest are 'in the holding pile' according to Brian. Chances are there's at least one here we'll never hear again.

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