Monday, 9 November 2015

09/11/15 - FSOLDigital overhaul, merch and collectables, Life in Moments tracklist

So, to accompany the release of the The Most Important Moments in a Life book, a handful of other bits and bobs have appeared on FSOLDigital. A quick run through of today's releases follows...

The book itself is available signed and not signed. The tracklist for the bonus CD is:
01 – Taken Leave of all Senses
02 – Viewed from Across the Room
03 – I Turn To Face The Sun
04 – Bring
05 – Triospheres
06 – Sea + LSD
07 – Grindatone
08 – A Somnambulant Drift
09 – Talisman
10 – Abandoned Housing Blocks of Prypiat
11 – Falling Upwards Aria

A chance to get six of the bonus tracks from recent FSOLDigital releases in a physical format - particularly exciting as it gives the tremendous 'I Turn to Face the Sun' a proper home at last - plus five completely unheard pieces. Whilst those digital EPs have been nice bonuses, we're happy to be getting some of the best of those tracks together as what looks like it'll be a proper album in its own right. How many other bands sneak out an 11 track album like this as a bonus CD with a book?!
Here's a link to that, anyway.

White label editions - most likely test pressings - of Archive 8 & Environments 1 are now available. These collectors edition vinyls are limited to ten copies, signed by both Gaz and Brian, and come with a standard vinyl edition plus 320kbps mp3 download. Pricey but a fantastic treat for collectors...

The run of cryptic symbols found on Archive 8 and various FSOLDigital videos has now found its way onto a t-shirt, and so has the Herd Killing logo. Only medium and large are currently available, so skinny wretches like myself will have to go without.

There's also a new background on the site, which makes some parts of it unreadable in a slightly different way to before, which is nice.

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