Friday, 6 November 2015

06/11/15 - A History of FSOL, Kooks remix, Mushroom 11 new tracks

Or 'News roundup because I'm crap and didn't get around to it before' Newest, and possibly of most interest, is a forthcoming book entitled The Most Important Moments in a Life - A History of The Future Sound of London. This book, available from FSOLDigital this coming Monday, 9th November 2015, has been described by Gaz as "' a rather sumptuous FSOL scrapbook of sorts ' The Most Important Moments Of A Life ' compiled and collaged from the vaults of old pics , personal notebooks & cuttings of interesting curios and memorabilia filling its 80 ish full colour gloss colour pages ... a feast for the eyes and a very interesting read to boot!"
. The book is coupled with an eleven track CD featuring a range of tracks from well known to alternate mixes and previously unreleased. It all looks like this:

Talking of unreleased FSOL material, the previously announced soundtrack for independent game Mushroom 11 has been expanded, to include four new tracks: 'Wave Stat', 'TX 81z Another Brother', 'The Equevalents' and a string-only version of 'End of the World'. The soundtrack comes as a download with purchases of the game. Try here and here.
Also in indie gaming, our forum resident Pandemonium will be releasing a mobile game in the near future, featuring FSOL's Lizzard Crawl on the soundtrack. Read more about that over on the forum.

Meanwhile, in Amorphous world, the group have a track on the forthcoming remix album by The Kooks. Their fourteen minute Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix of 'Murderer' (entitled 'Murdered & Downer') will be on Hello, What's Your Name?, available from 4th December.

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