Friday, 4 September 2015

04/09/15 - Better late than never: Remixes, records, rumours.

Well, this is all very late, but hey. Brian has been on remixing duties a lot for Touched, the charity label giving to Macmillan Cancer Support, giving B12's Orbita Tolv a Humanoid rebuild and Funckarma's Emplixian Ambient a Yage workover for Touched Two Remixes, and providing a Humanoid remix for 2ndMouse's album.

In other release news, the eighth archive release, titled Archived 8 as opposed to From the Archives Vol. 8 for reasons we cannot fathom, is out next week, with a FSOLDigital release of 11th September (followed by wider distribution two weeks later on the 25th). Some tracks have been updated, Environments style, and the album features twelve pieces all together:
01 – Sorrow (3:53)
02 – Acturum Esse (4:06)
03 – Blue Green (2:53)
04 – Crawler (3:56)
05 – Forlorn (4:34)
06 – Haloi Slope (4:22)
07 – Unfurl (1:40)
08 – Still Motion (5:05)
09 – Plazmatical (3:48)
10 – Spacial Freak (4:59)
11 – Long Exposure (3:50)
12 – Standing Room (6:13)

Ordering direct from FSOLDigital also gives you a free three track EP. You can pre-order the album on 320kbps mp3, FLAC, CD and vinyl+mp3. While you're there you can grab an A3 poster of the artwork, and the long-overdue vinyl release of the first Environments.

As for rumour...

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