Saturday, 13 June 2015

13/06/15 - Eyebrow: Garden City on FSOLDigital.

The latest title to be distributed by FSOLDigital is Garden City by Eyebrow. The store is selling the CD, which is released by Ninety & Nine Records.


Paul Wigens (drums, percussion, electronics) / Pete Judge (trumpet, electronics)

Eyebrow is a trumpet and drums duo based in Bristol, UK, formed in 2009, and featuring members of cult bands Blurt and Get The Blessing. Its music evolves out of improvisations which are reassembled into structured pieces with an unexpectedly cinematic sweep, like journeys through slowly-changing landscapes. New album “Garden City”, recorded at Invada Studios in Bristol by TJ Allen, with special guest Jim Barr on baritone guitar and bass pedals, is now available on New York’s Ninety & Nine Records.

“One of the most beguiling records I’ve heard in ages: music of quiet imagination and intimate beauty. I hope a lot of people get to enjoy it” (Richard Williams,

““Sepulchral, dappled trumpet and real live meaty drums; Eyebrow have been doing this kind of thing for a long time and have become very good at it. ‘Thaw’ – an insistent rhythmic ear-worm – is a belter” (Independent on Sunday)

“Atmospheric, haunting, fascinating. Four stars” (AllAboutJazz)


1 – Blind Summit (7:08)
2 – The Golden Road (5:08)
3 – Lustre (2:41)
4 – Mr Choppy (4:49)
5 – Thaw (13:44)
6 – Scrim (5:45)
7 – Pinch Point (9:33)

Sound clips and purchase info on FSOLdigital.

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