Sunday, 16 November 2014

16/11/14 - covers'n'bubbles'n'stuff

So, there's some bonus stuff with the Environments LP packages. The Environments 4 LP will feature the previous digital bonus track Plough on the vinyl itself, interestingly. Purchases from FSOLDigital will feature a digital bonus track entitled 'Komagi'. Similarly, FSOLDigital orders of Environments 2 come with a digital bonus track 'I Turn to Face the Sun'. And now, have a look at what the E2 vinyl looks like:

On the same day, the Syd Arthur Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble vinyl EP is released, and it seems the release will be on Monstrous Bubble Records (another - finally!). That looks a little like this:

Digital listeners will be happy to hear MP3 and FLAC versions will also be available.

In other news, acclaimed drum'n'bass outfit Blu Mar Ten have announced the release of a mysterious release entitled FSOL. Rumour has it that this vinyl single, the fourth part of the band's Famous Lost Words Remixes series, will feature a track called Night Shift remixed by FSOL. It will be shipping from December - more news soon.

Elsewhere (this is a long update due to laziness throughout the week), the FSOL-soundtracked puzzle game Mushroom 11 is now available, and a deluxe edition comes with the soundtrack. All pieces are sourced from the band's Archives and Environments releases, edited down for use in the game. The tracklist, cover and discussion can be found here.

What else? Oh yes, a Zeebox track is appearing on a compilation of '80s industrial, which is a lovely turn of events. 'Laughing Box' appears on Label Noir Vol. 2, which is available now.

Finally, Gaz revealed on Facebook that the next Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble mix (probably the Australian one) will be released early in the new year.

That's probably enough for now. Who wants to buy all of this for me for Christmas?

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