Thursday, 28 August 2014

28/08/14 - FM Lifeforms interview out now; MPB Down Under

The October issue of Future Music magazine (#283) is out now, and features the Lifeforms interview, in which Gaz reminisces about the making of and reactions to the album, and occasionally actually discusses specific tracks (although considerably less than you'd expect from a 'track-by-track'.)
He also mentions that 'this month' Amorphous Androgynous will be releasing a Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble album based around Australian music. Quite what 'this month' means - both in terms of literal understanding (it is technically an October issue, despite being out in August), and in terms of FSOL's alternate universe timestream when "soon" means "in two years" and press releases go out advertising things that never even happened (the 2008 Isness re-release, for one.)
Still, it sounds like a fascinating approach for a new MPB project, and one that will likely throw light on some wonderful obscurities from the culture of an oft-forgotten country.

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