Monday, 18 August 2014

19/08/14 - Environments 5 clips

Two clips from Environments 5 have appeared on Brian's STAKKERHUMANOID account this afternoon.
"In Solitude At Least We Are Alone":

"Source of Uncertainty":
 The former is reminiscent of the Amorphous-tinged sound of Environments 4, whilst the latter is a moody piano piece, with hints of Environments 3. Yet they both sound fresh and new, too. Which is all we can hope for. Other than Gaz saying he's finally back in full-on FSOL mode:
"very proud of this upcoming FSOL album.. some very deep personal synchronicity behind it which feels like i've reconnected with my former self at the same time reconnecting ( here via facebook ) with some incredibly important people from my past. Don't quite know why i let such people leave my life and don't quite know why i left FSOL behind when it represents such a huge emotional aspect of my personality but there you go...we are a mystery unto ourselves this track featuring the wonderful RAVEN BUSH with a majestic violin performance 'IN SOLITUDE WE ARE LEAST ALONE ' can't wait for people to hear the whole track and album..."

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