Tuesday, 29 April 2014

29/04/2014 - Blackhill Transmitter - 2nd, in MP3 and FLAC

The second EP by Brian's Blackhill Transmitter project is released today, with a little more info than the last one...

Second helpings from Blackhill Transmitter - continuing the sound of hauntology
The once active transmitter / receiver now lies silent albeit for the faint crackling and buzzing as if ghosts from the past still wish to be heard

Five tracks:
1. Alignment (4:12)
2. Interception (3:07)
3. Loko Motive (4:40)
4. 1957 (1:12)
5. Uf (4:47)

This is the first FSOLDigital release to be made available in MP3 and FLAC format (here's hoping they go through the back catalogue at some point).

Grab it here!

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