Wednesday, 6 November 2013

06/11/13 - The Cartel on 2nd December, Cartel remixes and Enhanced Archives to follow

The first two Volumes of The Cartel are due out on 2nd December, according to our tax-avoiding friends at Amazon. It's likely they'll appear slightly sooner at FSOLDigital. No news of bonus tracks for buying direct from the band yet - we'll keep you informed if any turn up. The press release states the albums feature a certain Mr. Noel Gallagher on bass and guitar, and will be followed by a third volume of remixes next year (as previously hinted by DJ Food). Official sources have revealed the enhanced versions of Archives 1 - 3 will finally be appearing on FSOLDigital shortly after The Cartel is out, which means they can be bought without paying extortionate Beatport prices. These will just be digital currently, although the band are looking into the potential of doing physical versions in the future.

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