Friday, 27 September 2013

27/09/13 - X Series, Cartel Remixes, Stage Animations and #FSOLtop10

Right, time for a bit of a roundup of the latest comings and goings in the FSOL and Amorphous world.

First up, there's a new selection of tracks on the Extreme Music library music site X-Series. Nu-Psychedelia features eight tracks by Dougans/Cobain: Coma Chameleon, Present Sense, What Goes Up, Shroom Walk, Warm & Fuzzy, Happy Trails, Contact High and Keep it Unreal.  As the title suggests, they're more on the Amorphous/psychedelic end of things, with an electronic twist that keeps them in line with the more recent Amorphous remixes and Cartel preview tracks.  The eight tracks can be streamed in their entirety directly from the site.

Secondly, DJ Food has been spilling information on his blog again. This time he mentions "...I’m also about to begin work on not one but two remixes for The Amorphous Androgynous (!)". There's no remix EP planned for The Cartel, so we'll have to wait and see just how these remixes surface.

Next, some video footage of the 'In 2 Minds' animation from the band's 2009 Athens show by its creator, Tom Bell, featuring a staggering array of alternatives for what FSOL could mean.  Check that out on Bell's Vimeo page.

And finally, for those on Twitter, you may wish to follow Neglected Nuggets @thelostrecord this evening (27/09), as we're taking over for an hour to do our FSOL Top 10. Not quite a conventional ten favourites, but ten of their best since 1990, with an emphasis on obscure, unknown and hidden gems. You can follow @thelostrecord or check out the #FSOLtop10 tag from around 8:30 this evening (that's GMT+1 as it's summer [apparently]). Feel free to send us your comments thoughts on our choices and FSOL in general!

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