Friday, 31 August 2012

31/08/12 - Massive FSOLDigital overhaul, usual announcement of a billion releases, and other stuff

In remembering past FSOLDigital updates, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that earlier this week, the band not only indirectly announced forthcoming releases of Environments 5, From the Archives vol. 7, Pygmy by Yage,  as well as releases by current unknowns The Superheads, The Field Recorders and The Bringers,but allowed us to hear snippets of each album.  All of these, plus a huge wealth of previously released material, is available on the second FSOLDigital Mix, entitled The Fears and Fantasies of the Unconscious Mind.

That's not all!

You can also pick up the new Ross Baker release (hello!), a soundtrack to a short film entitled Beacon Tor, which combines dark ambient, lo-fi acoustics and modern classical sounds.  An mp3 and CD combined release of a field recording compilation featuring Riz Maslen, entitled Neck of the Woods is also available.  And, excitingly for those of us with a few spare pounds, some beautiful looking art prints of We Have Explosive, Papua New Guinea, and some exclusive Environments artwork, are all available with certificates of authenticity signed by the band!  Also coming soon, the Enhanced Archives, the original three Archive albums mixed together to form albums a la volumes 3-6. also has a rather lovely new design.  And not just that, new versions of and are on their way, and are due to boast a wealth of information and exclusive material.  For a tantalising preview, check this incredible article on the forums, mentioning a certain tape which was sneakily mentioned to us a couple of years ago but unheard of since.

Not a band to do things in halves, FSOL.

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