Saturday, 15 May 2010

15/05/10 - Environments 4?!

Almost two years ago to the day, we announced an update from FSOLDigital of Environments 2 and 3, and then joked of a forthcoming Environments 4. A joke no more, the album art to Environments 3 contains an advert for the other volumes in the series - 1, 2 and 4! Maybe 4 will be 'the new album'! Who knows. The front cover is a beautiful shot of some derelict looking buildings and a sunset that looks even more impressive than the current volume's sleeve. More news on that when we get it.

Here's a quick lowdown on volume 3 for those who haven't ordered from Juno:
01. Viewed From An Obscure Angle (3:10)
02. Summer's Dream (4:16)
03. Sunken Ships (3:40)
04. The Empty Land (5:40)
05. A Glitch In Cellular Memory (3:21)
06. Recollection (3:22)
07. Accompaniment For Melodious Expression (3:05)
08. Absolution (3:39)
09. The Oldest Lady (1:19)
10. A Diversionary Tactic (3:07)
11. The Silent Place (2:52)
12. Out Of Sync Child (2:00)
13. Hall Of Mirrors (1:34)
14. End Of The World (4:35)
15. Sense Of Being (1:50)
16. Surface Water (3:42)
17. Heart Sick Chord (8:10)
18. Repetition Is A Form Of Change (1:45)

Mood-wise, we can confirm what was long suspected (since the appearance of the cover back in '08): this is a very Dead Cities sounding record. Following Volume 2's epic spaciousness and possibly cold arctic sounds, this record is darker, more haunting and more sinister. The initial impression is 'the ruins of the Dead City' - that album's mood but more sombre and less violent. The warped/damaged photos of deserted architecture in the sleeve matches this.
On the whole the music is ambient, with a few of the group's recent neoclassical leanings (particularly the beautiful opening piece, and the astonishing string section in End Of The World); more percussion than the first two volumes but not so much to make it anything other than a true ambient record. All in all: utterly marvellous.

While the forum's down, feel free to use the comment button on this entry to discuss the record and volume 4!


yellohippo said...

Hm. Something tells me to be careful with adverts for forthcoming albums in FSOL CD booklets.
But anyway this sounds interesting. 'Boundaries' from EBS4 and 'Elation' from EBS6 are missing on Env3, right?
Maybe on archive 6.

Ross said...

Boundaries, Elation and 49Innesp are still missing, yes. I don't know if they'll be on Archive 6, maybe they'll be on Environments 4.
This wild speculation at its most ridiculous!

yellohippo said...

Yeah, and I´m ridiculously jealous of you UK guys who already received this mail today.

What is with 'Heart Sick'? Does the track develop into something the whole 8 minutes? How does it fit in with the rest?

Ross said...

It builds up nicely - nothing much different from the edit on EBS2 but I prefer the longer version myself. It doesn't really fit with the rest of the album, very strange choice, much happier and lighter than the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Hello there - tried to find an email contact for this as its a bit OT, but you wouldn't happen to have a tracklist for the FSOL one world mix? Particularly the bit between 0.00 - 5.53..?

good work on the blog btw