Monday, 10 May 2010

10/05/10 - Monstrous Bubble Records

Gaz writes on the Monstrous Psychedelic Bloggle:
"A Monstrous Psychedlic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind Vol 2- Pagan Love Vibrations has been nominated for best compilation album of the year in MOJO magazine.
To see the other nominations in this category or to vote for best act/ best album/ best song:

Vol 3 of the Monstrous series meanwhile is in the works and will be released mid 2010 on the newly established MONSTROUS BUBBLE records which has been set-up as a thoroughfare not only for all MONSTROUS activities but also as a means for signing and spearheading the new psychedelia as foretold in the MPB sonic manifestos !!

On a sadder note Platipus Records who had the vision and commitment to release both Vol 1 and Vol 2 of the Monstrous series has become the latest victim of Pinnacle distribution folding last year which literally saddled hundreds of indie labels with insurmountable losses ( both financial and stock- remember all the Xmas problems getting hold of Vol 1 ! ) .

Temporarily this means that Vol 1 & 2 of MPB are unavailable but we are trying to pick-up the licenses to continue Vol 1 & 2 on MONSTROUS BUBBLE RECORDS so will update on that !!
Since Platipus' 2 album license of Monstrous effectively ended with the release of Vol 2 anyway Monstrous Bubble Records had already been set-up last year with the express purpose of releasing Vol 3 with the same distribution/ PR team as per VOL 2. So with all licensing well in hand on Vol 3, to all intents and purpose its all MONSTROUS as per normal but our thoughts and gratitude do however go out to Platipus for all their vision, support and tenacity !!


It is very likely that forthcoming Amorphous Androgynous records (how many are we expecting now? We can think of at least seven here) may be released through the imprint. Plus other psychedelic excursions from other artists - the band stretching their psychedelic toes in the same manner as FSOLdigital's increased outside artist output.
Is MPB3 going to be mixed by FSOL? We don't know yet.

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