Monday, 14 September 2009

14/09/09 - Gaz and The Independent

I'll let this one speak for itself.
We're on the lookout for videos/audio/setlists of FSOL at Bestival this Saturday just gone. Any help, links or such would be appreciated!

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Dan ( at stuffe . net) said...

It was a total "cock up" in Gaz's words. Setlist went something like this:

1) Lot's of complaining and apologising, assumption was it was because they were 1 hours late, and the music curfew was only 40 mins away.
2) 15 mins of Cascade straight off the CD
3) Much more complaining, LOTS of apologising, much of it inaudible.
4) Something I couldn't identify, sounded Dead Cities era in style, probably new stuff, I liked it
5) We Have Explosive - not noticeably different to any version I know
6) PNG

That was it. I was gutted, would love to know what the problems were - I am not even convinced anything was played over the broadcast link, the sound quality of the talking was sooo awful, I think frankly that the hours delay was someone getting a CD burned quicksharp... :(