Monday, 25 May 2009

25/05/09 - Athens show: news and reviews

FSOL's headline performance in Athens was, of course, on Saturday, and several of our lucky forum members were in attendance. While we're waiting for an official tracklist, here's a peek at what went on.
All reports give the show top marks, with an hour and a half performance including new tracks, variations on old ones and ambient interludes. The setup, featuring a massive screen in the shape of Brian and Gaz's faces, was performed to a large crowd, sent in over ISDN cables from Brian's studio in Somerset. Tracks performed included:
Herd Killing/Explosive Part 4
Mouth Muse
Everyone In The World/My Kingdom
Cascade (with Environments opening)
Room 208
We Have Explosive
Papua New Guinea

There was an encore featuring two new tracks; and at least four were performed, with one including vocals from Gaz.

Videos are appearing all over YouTube and are well worth a search. These, in particular, come highly recommended - excellent quality.

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