Wednesday, 20 May 2009

20/05/09 - Gigs. DJ sets. Interviews. And so on.

Life Festival. 29th - 31st May. Ballinlough Castle in Ireland. Headlined by FSOL. Another for your diaries. And remembering the Athens show is on Saturday!
DJ set in Bulgaria? Not sure if this is actually a DJ set or an Amorphous DJ set or what... more news soon! Park Live, 18-20th June.

Elsewhere, the Green Man slot has been expanded to a full eleven hour show,
featuring "HAWKWIND / the Amorphous Androgynous / YELLOW MOON BAND/ NICK NICELY / ALISHA SUFIT / CRANIUM PIE and DJs tba". Whether these are performances or just what Gaz is going to spin we don't know yet. If it's performances it's a pretty staggeringly high key lineup... although considering AA are supporting Hawkwind later in the year, not one entirely out of the blue.
The Amorphous MySpace also confirms the DJ slot at Oasis' aftershow party, Wembley, 9th July (of particular note if you're famous and know the Gallagher brothers), and a further show at 'Cable London' - A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (DJ set we'd imagine from the name, but the event states simply 'AA Live'), on 28th August.

For more reading matter, Alisha Sufit talks about the road to re-success, partially via her appearance in the Amorphous Androgynous' current live band, in Record Collector magazine. If you're not a subscriber to the site, you can read the first part of the interview here, and if you are, you can read the full article there!
Also, generic interview with Gaz on Amorphous et cetera here, and Greek interview with Gaz here. Ability to read Greek essential. We have no idea what it says. Maybe it's the tracklist to the next FSOL album.

Probably not.

No news on new music. If what we're led to believe is true, the next 'release' we'll have will be Electric Brainstorms 5, although never trust anything anybody ever says to you about FSOL. Including this. With the increasing number of live shows and DJ slots coming up this year, it's unsurprising we've not heard much from the studio!

Thanks as ever to the truly beautiful people over on the forums for uncovering all of this lovely information!

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