Sunday, 15 June 2008

15/06/08 - FSOL on Proton Radio


an EXCLUSIVE 1 hour DJ Mix
Monday 16th June | 6am EST/11am BST
Then available via Proton's ground breaking 'On Demand' Feature

It's a little late notice, we know, but with the On Demand feature it'll be available for those not able to listen live. The band join the likes of John Digweed, Josh Wink and Anthony Pappa in providing the station and website with an exclusive DJ mix. This is the first in the 'Electric Brainstorm' series, and the cover has been provided by the band. No news on what will be contained in the show, hopefully we'll find out tomorrow!


Terrasidius said...

Dude, awesome! :D cant wait and ill stick that cover on wikipedia page and explain it (its me Terrasidius from wikipedia btw :D). Later!

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested, the cover says "Noirose" in katakana (the Japanese script usually used to render words of foreign origin). This particular loan word is the Japanese transliterated version of the word "Neurose" - "neurosis" in German.