Sunday, 6 May 2018

06/05/18 - Abbey Road Isness features alternate, unreleased versions

In a move we probably should have predicted, knowing the album's history, it seems Brian and Gaz haven't actually offered an official release of the 2002 mispress version in their Abbey Road Version of The Isness, but a new unheard mix of the album. It's all uses versions from the mispress edition - six of the tracks are identical - but 'Osho' and 'Divinity' are alternate, extended mixes, 'Meadows' features an entirely new outro including elements of 'The Seasons Turn', 'Her Tongue is Like a Jellyfish' and 'Mello Hippo' lack their orchestral outro and intro respectively, and 'Galaxial' cuts off the 'I love you' outro section. 'Egghead' is also in a different place on the tracklist, and 'Yes My Brother' is missing. So there you go kids, yet another version of The Isness to collect.

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