Thursday, 14 December 2017

14/12/17 - SX-One preview album now available

An album of pieces showing the versatility of the FSOL/Digitana synth the SX-One is now available to download from FSOLDigital, as mp3 or FLAC, with six bonus videos. The site describes the album as:

4 tracks – 45 mins in total – live improvisations using the FSOL:DIGITANA sx-1
Also includes 4 videos – filmed at the time of recording – showing the SX-1 in the recording chain
In addition a further 2 videos as a bonus
A pitch and tempo is decided, a timeline is peppered with hits and noises
These act as que markers to move the synth settings and sequences forward
A set of sequences were created and stored for random access
The main time generator is started and the result is recorded to 1/4” 15ips tape on a Nagra IVs

01 – Xertz (12:19)
02 – Opotograms (11:58)
03 – Origin Flows (5:12)
04 – Minimally Conscious (15:05)

The videos - one for each track, plus the Stochastic Process and SX-1 in Berlin come as separate files to download on the FSOLDigital account page, probably to keep down the size (up to 150MB per video).

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