Wednesday, 12 April 2017

12/04/07 - A:E:V CD on its way

Those of you who will doubtless miss the 3LP version of Archived : Environmental : Views on Record Store Day, not to mention people without a turntable: you can now rejoice, knowing that you'll at least be able to own 22 of the 35 exclusive tracks on CD. A single disc compilation of two thirds of the new material is coming on 5th May. Tracklist below:

1. Persistence of Vision
2. Normality Returns
3. Hapn
4. Semi Detached
5. Unforth
6. Its Very Existence
7. Fallin Through
8. Sea Pig
9. Opposite of Thought
10. Looking out a Narrow Window
11. Drifting In and Out
12. Silence in her Eyes
13. Boulton
14. Intermodulation Distortion
15. Everyone who is not here
16. A Place in the Wilderness
17. Where you Going
18. Late October
19. The House in the Woods
20. Viewed from Pushkinova 7
21. In a way, they do..
22. Viewed from Little Boats

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