Friday, 10 March 2017

10/03/17 - Archived : Environmental : Views - Record Store Day release.

Every vinyl tout's favourite day is underway and lined up for 22nd April 2017. This year, FSOL break with tradition and instead of providing an updated version of an old release, come up with a new triple LP release. Yes, just in case you thought a double album late last year was enough to keep us fans going, we now have a new three album set to look forward to.

Released as three vinyl albums, the album - or compilation, really - is called Archived : Environmental : Views. Not much imagination is required to guess that the first LP will be a selection of tracks from the archives, the second LP will be new or updated-old material recorded as part of the Environments series, and the third LP will be tracks in the 'Viewed From' modern classical vein. The tracklist for Views is below, no news on the tracklists for the other just yet...

Viewed from Pushkinova 7
A Place in the Wilderness
Viewed from Below the Surface (2017 Version)
Viewed from Little Boats
Late October
The Oldest Lady
Viewed Through Apertures
Viewed from an Obscure Angle
Viewed from Fer Hills
Viewed from Across the Room
Viewed from Rosey's Perspective
Viewed from Under Leaves
Source of Uncertainty (Original Long Mix)
The House in the Woods
Viewed from Above

More news on this soon!


DJ Three said...

pre-order ?

Bullfinch said...

No - a Record Store Day-only release so you'll have to pick it up in your nearest participating store, or try and grab one of the few FSOLDigital are likely to have after the day.

DJ Three said...

far out.